Wagoneer History


We receive many calls from prospective buyers near and far-including every continent- often searching for a “Grand” in a particular color, or mileage requirement or possibly a particular year of production. Finding that special Grand Wagoneer is difficult when you understand the history of this unique vehicle. So let’s start.

The Grand Wagoneer was only produced for eight years, from 1984 thru 1991. The final year saw only 1560 units, not helping much with the total life time production. Prior to 1984, Jeep produced the forerunner of the Grand Wagoneer under various name plates like Limited, Brougham, or Custom to name a few. Now to that Jeopardy question, “How many Grand Wagoneers were made between 1984 and 1991?” And the answer is 101,628. A small number when compared to most vehicle production numbers in the United States.

Now we come to the difficult part- a guesstimate… How many are left and in what condition? You can play along here and plug in your own numbers, but I will use conservative estimates for my exercise. Let’s assume that 70% have gone to the Grand Wagoneer heaven- rusted away with snow plows affixed to their fronts, or turned into those monster trucks covered in mud. That leaves us with about 30,000-give or take. The second requirement for many buyers is low mileage – Let’s plug in roughly 4,000 miles per year of average usage. I would use 10% around with very low miles, and our new total is 3,000. – How many of those are in good to better condition and not in need of restoration?

Here is where I end the exercise , for you can see where this is leading. There is a very limited number of Grand Wagoneers in excellent low mileage condition, and going forward with normal attrition there will be fewer and fewer each year. When you purchase one of these you are not only acquiring the most unique vintage SUV that you can toss the entire family inside and float down the road like a tuna boat, you are possibly breaking your life long cycle of watching your vehicle depreciate each day. You have better than even odds that if you keep your Grand Wagoneer in great shape you will actually make money. Not a bad deal when you consider that everyone will know that you’re cool – excuse the 60’s term “cool” – as they admire your ride.

Lastly, speaking of the 60’s, have a look at the black & white image here. The first Jeep ever produced came from my father’s hometown and Jeep Wagoneers have been a part of the Kerr family business since the 60’s. Grand Wagoneer by Classic Gentleman continues to honor the Kerr family tradition.

– G.K. Kerr