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Many thanks to our extended family of customers from all the Kerr’s at Grand Wagoneer by Classic Gentleman

“When first searching for our classic dream car, Grand Wagoneer by Classic Gentleman popped right up. I was so happy to see all of those beautiful options and the passion that goes into restoring and preserving each Grand Wagoneer. Getting to know GK in the process of purchasing “Sweetie” has been a true delight! Always extending himself to make me feel comfortable and knowledgeable about my purchase. He loves what he does and it shows. Forever cruising in our dream car, thanks GK!”
– Hilary Duff, Beverly Hills, CA
“After searching high and low for my holy grail, a 1984 Nordic Green Grand Wagoneer, GK not only found it for me, I was fully involved in the restoration process. His communication and attention to detail were fantastic and the Wagoneer delivered exceeded my expectations. He is truly a class act and I look forward to working with him for my next purchase.”
– Roy D. Chapin IV,  Napa, California
(Grandson of former Chairman of the Board & CEO of American Motors/Jeep Corporation). 
“Working with GK on the purchase of our beautiful ’85 Wagoneer was an exceptional experience throughout. He is beyond knowledgeable, professional, efficient, kind and a true gentleman. We couldn’t recommend him more highly.”
– David Foxley, Sr. Editor Worth Magazine, New York, New York
“GK is exactly the kind of guy you want to find when buying a Grand Wagoneer”
– Kiel James Patrick, Rhode Island  
“GK, The Grand really is impeccable inside and out. The Spinnaker Blue Metallic color is beautiful & the interior is beautiful. I’d put this color up against any S class Mercedes, or an Aston Martin even. We might need his and hers, not sure I will get to drive this one much. Thanks for everything… truly has been a pleasure dealing with you on this and looking forward to more dealings.”
– Kip Meadows, Rocky Mount, NC
“Impressively professional buying experience with GK”
– David Scaife, Pennsylvania
“My experience with GK and Classic Gentleman was flawless from beginning to end. From the first phone call, I felt confident that GK was not simply interested in a quick transaction – he’s truly passionate about these vehicles and wants every client to feel the same. My whole family loves our ’85 Wagoneer and can’t get enough. And as importantly for me, GK made the purchase process almost as enjoyable as the vehicle. Whether you’re a classic car guru or a novice like me, I can’t imagine you can do better than Classic Gentleman.”
– Dave Dawson, Charleston, SC
“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Grand Wagoneer by Classic Gentleman. I had a lot of questions and GK spent the time to walk me through everything I needed to know to pick the right vehicle. Unfortunately, I had to get GK’s help with parts for a small accident I was involved in after the sale. GK went above and beyond the call of duty to help me before and after the sale. I am 100% satisfied and would recommend him to a friend.”
–  Jim Bennett, Greensboro, North Carolina
“It was great fun buying from you GK, you know I will miss it”
– Klaus Wegmueller, Switzerland
“Trusting a seller from 6,000 KM away is a careful process but GK has more than earned mine”
– Fred Dorland, The Netherlands
“I have the Grand and everything looks great. Just drove her 10 hours across western Canada! Thank you for the great service.”
– Curtis Merrifield, Saskatchewan, Canada
“GK Kerr is most certainly a classic gentleman. He is friendly, fair and knowledgeable. From our first phone call to the day my Waggy completed her 1,100 mile journey from Jamestown, NY to the Jacksonville, FL area GK was always available and kept me completely informed. His passion for these old time SUVs truly comes through. I recommend anyone interested in a high quality Wagoneer give GK a call.”
– Geoffrey Gold, Flagler County, FL
“The Wagoneer is gorgeous and it drives great… Thank you so much for everything!”
– Dr. Nadia Bening, Austin TX
“All looks great GK! Thanks for the help with adding fuel injection and also being accommodating on the pickup date for the driver. We are looking forward to have it for some time and enjoying the drive.”
– Ron Lee, Seattle Washington
“Have been loving the Wagoneer! I get a ton of compliments on this vehicle – people stop me on the street to ask about it. I always give them your name!”
– James L., San Francisco
“You’ve been a pleasure and a gentleman through out the entire process. Much appreciated!!!”
– Kyle Burch, Parkville MO
“My wife and I are thrilled with the ’83 Jeep Wagoneer we just purchased! From initial discussions to the final delivery, everything has been professional and honest. Please have anyone call us to discuss their questions about you and Classic Gentleman.Thank you for honestly representing your product and process.”
– William and Kim Pendry, Granbury TX
“From my first email GK was very helpful and professional. He is honest and reliable & his Grand’s are exactly as pictured.”
– Rich Mather, Nebraska 
“GK’s  passion for these vehicles and the lives they were built for is unmatched.  He has also happens have the finest collection of Wagoneers in the country.”
– Mike Chepucavage, New England
“GK stands by his products and is as honest as the day is long. Fantastic buying experience.”
– Mike Bland, Richmond, Virginia
“I am very pleased with the great ’91 Grand Wagoneer that I got from Classic Gentleman.  GK is the best.  He made the process easy.  I highly recommend him.”
– Chip Permar Esq., Greensboro, North Carolina
“GK, you really are a ‘Classic Gentleman.'”
– Scott Currie, The Hamptons 
“Thank you for your detailed descriptions, it has made this journey a lot more enjoyable and the organisation of your site is awesome.”
– Doug Cleverly,  New Zealand 
“GK was awesome to work with throughout my purchase. He is truly a “classy gentleman” which is not often found in the automotive industry. Thanks GK!!”
– Kent Bonvillain, Louisiana 
“I had a great experience purchasing my Grand Wagoneer & really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me about all your inventory. The Grand arrived just as described by you & am very pleased with the prospect of enjoying here for years to come.”
– Mark Zito, Chicago
“Thank you GK for the wonderful Wagoneer.  The vehicle is in remarkable condition.  It showed up here as described by phone, and at a reasonable price.  My wife loved it!!”
– Jim Hardwick, Houston, Texas
“GK, the Grand looks great! Took her for a drive and all is working well. You have been a pleasure to work with, keep it up and thank you.”
– Dogan Temizer, MD, Cincinnati, OH
“GK provided a no-pressure, informative buying experience for my 86 Grand Wagoneer.  He continues to be helpful and provide support after the sale.  He is the person to go to for a well-sorted Grand Wagoneer. “
– Richie Whitt, Glen Allen, VA
“From first email to final handshake, GK was there every step of the way.  His attention to detail and willingness to assist in any way he could make the purchase of our dream Grand enjoyable and seamless… We could not be happier.”
– Jeff & Kate Wozniak, New York
“You were telling the truth, it is in great condition.”
– John Caruso, Long Island, NY
“GK, thank you for being such a straight up business man and I appreciate all the advise you gave me. The Jeep was in excellent shape and the entire transaction was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Thank you again for your honesty and your follow thru.”
– Mike Yarbro, Los Angeles, CA
“GK is a pleasure to work with, and as patient, low-key, and responsive as a buyer could wish for. It is obvious that he is dealing in items that he personally cares a great deal about, as his attentiveness throughout weeks of e-mail exchanges led him to a solid recommendation for me that took into account all of my concerns and needs, from budget to expected daily use. Truly a Classic Gentleman.”
– Kurt Nielsen, Pennsylvania 
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“She is thoroughly enjoying her new warm weather surroundings! Thanks again for your help in making this purchase a smooth and enjoyable experience!
– Len & Jennifer Calandra, Florida
“GK provided first class customer service and recommendations.  I was truly impressed that GK wanted to make sure that buying one of his Wagoneers was the right choice for us.
– Jason Lugo, Virginia
“The overall experience of selling my Grand Wagoneer to you “Classic Gentlemen” was top notch. Equally, it is comforting to know that you are preserving and improving these iconic vehicles for the future.
– Mike Morantz, Florida
“Thanks for everything… She is beautiful!!”
– Dr. Andrew Eig, NY, NY
“It’s hard to describe the quality and beauty of the paint and wood paneling work GK does on these Wagoneer’s. It will exceed your expectations.
– Chris Daly Esq., Savannah, GA
“Working with GK at Classic Gentleman was a true pleasure. As this would be my first GW purchase I was comforted by his knowledge and guidance during the process. Stayed true to his word throughout and is a class act. Highly recommend.
– Morgan O’Donoghue, MD, Sarasota, FL
“Can’t praise enough your high level of service.”
– Paul Zahra, Australia
“Beautiful Ride.”
– Travis Watkins, Oklahoma 
“Recommended & Respected.”
– Paul Gaucher, Nantucket 
“GK is a class act, knows his stuff & I highly recommend.”
– Rudy Banny, North Carolina
“Square Shooter who stands by his word.”
– Frank Fernicola, Connecticut
“Thank You GK, you are an honest man”
– Rene Obeso, Mexico
“Honestly described, great experience”
– Dick Womack, California
“Flawless transaction, use me as a reference anytime”
– Al Baccaro, Arizona
“Your level of service to me was second to none. Fortunate to have crossed paths with you GK”
– Nembi Zembrii, Brazil
“GK, The total purchase experience was nothing short of perfect”
– Buddy Holt, North Carolina
“Having spent my life in a business demanding quality service, I know what it looks like. GK, you are a high integrity person”
– Randy Johnston, Texas
“Thanks GK for the awesome vehicle, your hospitality during my visit & one splendid steak dinner.”
– Kevin Smith, Alberta, Canada 

“GK, We just put some miles on her out to Silver Lake. Everything ran well and I have a very excited wife. Thanks for your help in getting this surprise anniversary gift done!”

– J. Bradley Rauch, Orchard Park, NY