Our Restoration Process

(Please note that we exclusively restore only our company owned Grand Wagoneers & do not organize private party restorations)

We start with restoration candidates that are all low mile examples, averaging between 2,000 to 4,000 miles driven per year since new. Then the fun begins…

If you are beginning the search for a vintage Grand Wagoneer- often the very first criteria is the color choice. In fact, for many of our buyers that is the key determining factor in making a purchase. Exterior color selection is one of the areas where Classic Gentleman truly shines.

Why? Because our professional painters have logged thousands of hours transforming these Jeeps into the finished beauties you see on our web-site and many of those are full color conversions. A process, quite frankly, that is overwhelming for many in the body and paint profession. The completion of a full professional color conversion nearly doubles the average time it takes to apply new paint to a Grand from four weeks to nearly eight. Time consuming elements beyond the normal include; removing of the doors and hood and stripping away the old faux wood and trim, removing the windshield, painting all interior metal surfaces that were required by the factory to match the exterior, and we even remove the old floor carpeting and paint the floor metal to match the new chosen color. We do not remove the engine but we do paint all accessible engine bay areas.

You might ask, “Why then do you do color conversions?” The answer is simple. The most popular colors for today’s Wagoneer buyers were not the choices favored by our parents and grand parents when they ordered the Jeeps from the factory thirty years ago. Contemporary buyers are searching for Hunter Greens and Spinnaker Blues and the difficulty is-those colors were produced in limited quantities “back in the day” , sometimes originally made only in the hundreds. Chances are, you may never come across a Wagoneer in either of these sought after finishes… regardless, that’s what you want and we are here to make that dream a reality. Filling a need that is too exhausting for many others to attempt.

Next in line in popularity is the dark blue metallic Grand and the good news there is, enough of that color choice were produced that there is little need to go to the expense of color converting to the darker blues. Our task is to do our due diligence and find great original dark blue restoration candidates and we strive to always have dark blue Wagoneers in inventory or in the “soon to be on offer” category. Additionally, we try to purchase and restore other popular colors like white, beige, grey , and silver – to mention a few- to round out our inventory.

In general, but not specific to every piece, most all of our restoration pieces include these highlights:

• New paint
• New wood siding
• Modern fuel injection
• Refinished wheels
• New whitewall tires
• New floor carpeting
• Leather portion of seats re-coated
• New headliner
• Many more new minor bits too numerous and boring to mention

All that, along with of course a mechanical and electrical review with service and maintenance works organized and performed, when deemed necessary.

Many other Grands you might consider for purchase from others would not have had the attention paid to them that we here at Classic Gentleman provide. And in truth, there are other Grand Wagoneer restoration houses that perform even more works than we generally organize, but likewise charge considerably above our on offer prices. We are not a fit for every buyer but a quick look at our Recommendation Page will show that for the segment we operate inside, our past clients express that we are doing a capital job.