1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Bemus Point, NY 14712

Primary Vehicle Information
  • Mileage 70,402
  • Exterior Color Deep Night Blue
  • Interior Color Tan
  • Body Style SUV
  • Transmission Automatic
  • Drive Type 4WD/AWD
  • Fuel Type Gasoline
  • Doors Four
Vehicle Description

Everybody wants a dark blue Grand Wagoneer these days and that tends to drive me a little crazy (or crazier). Not because this Deep Night Blue isn’t beautiful, it is. Not because this blue isn’t a superb look against the wood siding and angular Grand Wagoneer lines, it is. The trouble is this color is way more popular now on these Grands than when they were first produced so there just aren’t that many low mile excellent condition dark blue examples out there. And in my small universe of experience, most blue buyers won’t consider a dozen other Grand Wagoneer colors I have in stock. So for all of you only dark blue buyers, heads up….

Our ’87 has been enjoyed by just a few owners over the past many decades and up until our purchase, all have been in the Winter/salt free environments of the South. Carfax & Autocheck both confirm the low miles are original/actual & that no accident have ever been reported. That explains the clean sheet metal and no issues undercarriage.

The Deep Night Blue paint was redone in the recent past and still looks superb. Just a few use marks but overall, beautiful. The wood siding and trim were likewise all replaced at the same time & are in great condition. There is a tiny road chip on the windshield but most everyone would glance right past it. Truly, the exterior is as just as gorgeous in person as the images project.

Slip inside and you will find the interior is just as strong as the outside.Tan interiors generally don’t hold up as well over time as darker color ones. That is just a truth. This one has obviously had upholstery work done to keep it fresh but the rest of the interior appears original and reflects the low 2,500 miles per year usage over her 27 years. It’s not brand new of course but see for yourself how nice it is.

It is also very luxurious in there, and not just by the standards of the 80’s. You will find power windows, power seats, power door locks, tilt steering wheel, AM/FM/CD stereo & air conditioning. The outside mirrors do need to be adjusted manually and the cruise control isn’t behaving but apart from those to minor items, ready to go.

Same goes for the engine and transmission as the mechanics are fully serviced for your reliable enjoyment. The 4 wheel drive Hi (Highway) setting has similarly been inspected , serviced and ready for the snowy roads, if you choose to take the Grand there. We don’t service the 4 wheel Low setting (trails & mud bogging) as that feature tends to get frozen up over decades of non use and our current customer base most likely would never use that feature anyway. We have just invested thousands of dollars in mechanical & electrical servicing and maintenance on this one to provide you one reliable classic ride.

So here it is collectors, a Southern Grand Wagoneer in the right color with super low documented miles in remarkable condition. Don’t delay on this one.

Why buy from us? We offer great low mile Grand Wagoneers that you will be proud to own. Each Jeep is inspected by expert mechanics, with years of Wagoneer experience, and critical  service and mechanical issues are addressed before the unit is offered for sale. We invest thousands in each Wagoneer –many of those dollars are spent on items that you cannot discern from simple pictures but are necessary to complete a properly operating Grand Wagoneer. That way you won’t have a host of unwanted surprises when your Jeep arrives. We carefully test drive each completed Jeep to insure that it performs as it should. And finally, we treat you fairly and honestly before and after the sale. Understanding of course these Wagoneers are twenty five plus years old and they are not perfect so we make every effort to present each one with accurate pictures and descriptions. We love these Wagoneers and we want you to to love yours too. Check out our recommendations page from customers from around the world. If you are wondering why buy from us, here is a reason. Yes, all our sales are as is however, we offer great low mile Grand Wagoneers that you will be proud to own. 

Vehicle Features
  • Air Conditioning
  • AM/FM/CD Player
  • Power Locks
  • Power Seats
  • Power Windows